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    Cardiff University Paediatric Society (CUPS) is a society for students interested in the health and wellbeing of the child. Primarily aimed at healthcare students, CUPS hopes to provide events and activities throughout the year that will develop interest and encourage students to excel within the field of paediatrics. We believe that the multidisciplinary nature of the society provides an invaluable learning opportunity and will reflect and promote the team working and holistic approach that paediatrics epitomises. Although the focus of the society is generally an academic one, CUPS will also provide volunteering opportunities to give practical experience of working with children and allow communication with children and their families. We will also dedicate time to fundraising, raising money for some of the many charities that are so important for children.

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    Cardiff Sports & Exercise Medicine Society (CSEMS) was founded in 2010 to try to increase the awareness of students to the possible careers that could be attained in the field of Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM). CSEMS has been set up to promote, educate and offer clinical experience in the field of SEM to all interested healthcare students.
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    Wales Students' Psychiatric Society

    All students interested in the mental health field should definitely join the Wales Students’ Psychiatric Society (WSPS)! Be it your future career choice, an outside interest from films and literature, or even to discover more about your inner psyche; the WSPS takes a refreshing detour from mainstream medicine by giving like minded students from all years the chance to share experiences of psychiatry, and further explore their aspirations in the field.
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    Healthcare Music Society

    The Healthcare Music Society (HMS) consists of an orchestra and a choir and aims to integrate talented students from all schools of healthcare in raising money for charity through musical performance.
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    Wilderness and Expedition Medecine Society (WEMS) is open to all healthcare students from all years. We offer exciting and educational opportunities outside of the lecture theatre. WEMS is a welcoming and friendly society and believe in the value of practical outdoor education, self challenge and team effort.
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    Now in its fourth year of operation, Cardiff University Surgical Society (CUSS) seeks to inform students about the varied and exciting career paths that surgery has to offer. For those individuals already interested in surgery, CUSS provides an impressive range of events, activities and learning opportunities designed to cater for all students at each stage of their undergraduate training. CUSS also holds anatomy revision sessions for 1st year students about to sit their final Human Structure exam, meaning that an interest in surgery is not required in order for students to benefit from CUSS membership. Sometimes we even try things that are completely un-surgically related and just got out for a pint!
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    Christian Medical Fellowship

    CMF Cardiff is one of the largest local CMF student groups in the UK. We have discussions on ethical issues, often with talks from local Christian doctors, evangelistic events for you to bring your mates to, social events to chill and relax and the occasional meal with local Christian doctors! It gives us an opportunity to have fellowship with other Christian medics and to be challenged and encouraged by each other
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    Teddy Bear Hospital

    The aims of Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH) are to reduce children's fears about Hospital, Doctors and needles. Working with local schools and after school clubs, such as Rainbows and Beavers we also aim to teach children about the body, germs, teeth brushing and healthy eating, using the fun medium of teddy bears and other toys to get our message across.
    We hold fundraising events, socials and trips to raise money for The Noah's Ark Children's Hospital Charity. This is a fantastic opportunity for Medical Students to improve their communication skills with children, preparing them so they can be better Doctors in the future.
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    MedSoc Charities

    We have a number of charities associated with MEdSoc including BACCUP, Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres, Kenyan Orphan Project, Marrow and Sexpression
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